Technique: Be Visually Creative

Nine Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Sometimes just changing up the appearance of a dish makes it more appealing. Of course there is some thought that "presentation sells".

But I'm talkin' chicken salad sandwich here.

With summer coming and kids home from school, any trick will do to make lunch more interesting. It is vital that you use the full proper name of this dish when preparing it for your children - Nine Chicken Salad Sandwiches.

My version of chicken salad uses a little shallot, celery, equal parts sour cream and mayo and the secret ingredient - fresh tarragon. Dried tarragon will work too. Add sea salt and fresh ground pepper. I've never measured amounts, so you don't have to either. It's not hard to make it taste good. Really.

For balance on visually creative proposition, here's something fancier. Chilled Pea Soup. Those fancy garnishes, if I recall, are nothing more than a couple thyme leaves, cubes of plum tomato, goat cheese and fresh cracked pepper. The soup actually uses frozen peas, as recommended by Gordon Ramsey.  Printer friendly version is here.

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