Technique: Roasting Sweet Red Peppers in Four Slices

Two red peppers cut into four large slices, charred
This method for charring the skin and roasting red, yellow or orange bell peppers has become  my favorite technique for indoor broiling or outdoor grilling. This approach is easier than roasting a whole pepper which requires turning it occasionally to char each side. 
  • Cut the peppers into four panels and lay them skin side up on a foil-lined pan. 
  • Broil the peppers for around 5 minutes, until they are mostly charred all over. Time depends on heat of broiler and how close/far pan is to the heating element. 
  • Remove from the oven and let them just sit on the pan until cool. For some reason, they don't need to be covered and the skins will still peel off nicely.
No step needed to "place peppers in a bowl and cover", "put in a paper bag and shake",or "peel skins holding peppers under a cool stream of water if still very hot".  Definitely no steaming hot cores that can singe your fingertips. 

Roasted peppers on left, ready to be sliced or chopped

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