Not So Simple Roasted Vegetables

The recipe I shared in the last post IS indeed the quick and easy version. To develop far more complex tastes, you can make something like Verdure a Scapece, as presented by Mario Batali in Molto Italiano. In that version you lay salted eggplants and zucchini between layers of paper towels, then use weighted pans to press out the liquids for a few hours. Then each vegetable (along with peppers and mushrooms) is roasted or grilled individually, so that they each cook to perfect doneness. The vegetables are then marinated in a viniagrette along with olives, capers and herbs overnight or longer.

The point is, for everyday cooking, use roasting and well-chosen vegetables for a quick treatment. For an impressive marinated vegtable dish, be prepared to expend some energy. I'll admit, though, that those marinated vegetables are worth the effort. They're AWESOME.

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