Homemade Lemonade- A Recipe for People Who REALLY Don't Cook

Below you'll find a recipe that even Michael5000 can create with confidence and attain successful results every time - Homemade Lemonade.

Two things come to mind as I share this recipe:
  • Why bother making lemonade from scratch?
  • Do you even need a recipe?
Fresh lemonade is indeed very quick and easy to put together. I think you, your family or guests will appreciate that you took a moment to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. Should you use an electric juicer? Sure if you have one and don't mind having more things to clean up. But you can make short work of eight lemons by hand.

A recipe? Why not just squeeze some lemons, then add enough sugar and water until it tastes good? Well, you can do that. But, if you have a recipe in hand with good proportions of lemon juice, sugar and water, then great results are easier and faster to achieve.

There are two key factors in this simple little recipe. Superfine sugar will dissolve more quickly and thoroughly than regular sugar (note - superfine is not confectioners sugar). Second, be sure to use water that's been filtered or bottled. I do that for most cooking where taste matters, for example cooking rice, which absorbs the water.

Notice that both the recipe itself and the superfine sugar help make this a fast process.

Homemade Lemonade

2 cups fresh lemon juice (from approximately 8 lemons)

1-1/4 cups superfine sugar

6 cups water (filtered or bottled)


1. Squeeze lemons over a measuring cup, using a strainer to catch seeds and pulp. Pour into serving pitcher.

2. Stir in 1-1/4 cups sugar and water. Taste, and add additional sugar if desired.

3. Serve over ice in individual glasses (resist the temptation to fill the pitcher with ice).


"I'll be with you in a squeezing of a lemon."
- Oliver Goldsmith, She Stoops to Conquer, Act 1, Scene 2, 1773

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