Be A Better Cook - #1 in Kindle Food & Wine Category

Earlier today I was thrilled to learn that my Kindle readers have propelled my commentary here on Be A Better Cook to the #1 ranking in the Food and Wine category, though it might be a briefly held spot. Maybe more so, being #44 out of 4852 blogs in Lifestyle and Culture and #32 out of 2860 blogs in Arts and Entertainment also make me proud to share my thoughts with the world.

THANK YOU very much for reading what I have to share.

On the other hand, it's been a full week since you last read something here. Why? Well, I've been cooking. Like crazy.It will be another day or two until you see the next "instructional" installment of Be A Better Cook.

For entertainment, not insight nor instruction, I'll share the details in a separate entry tonight, outlining a crazy menu I served this weekend to eleven high school sophomores and about twenty of their parents.

However, this note also gives me the opportunity to encourage you to send me questions or feedback. Just drop me a note a I'd enjoy hearing from you.

"Bon Appetit"
-- Julian Child

"Happy Cooking"
-- Jacques Pepin

"I Need A Signature Signoff Phrase"
-- Me

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