The Rodney Dangerfield of Vegetables

Cauliflower Growing in My Garden (this morning)

As a balance to bacon, which most of you will consider not the healthiest thing to munch on, I'm adding some information about cauliflower.

Cauliflower gets no respect. Yet it's highly nutritious, being low in fat, high in fiber and includes an excellent profile of vitamins, especially vitamin C. It also is purported to have benefical effects in prevention of breast and prostate cancers (Carcinogins at Oxford Journal, 2006), as well as reduction of active tumors from these cancers.

Compared to most vegetables, cauliflower has a more delicate and less harsh aroma and taste, so I'm surprised that more parents don't try to leverage it into the vegetable battles we all face. It's not really my preference, but there are orange, green and purple varieties of cauliflower. The colored caulies might make converts or some of the school aged crowd.

Maybe there just aren't enough good recipes. Last week I gave you a simple roasted vegetable recipe that can be used with cauliflower, so this week I'll give you one for stovetop - that adds in our feature ingredient - bacon. See the next post for the recipe.

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